2010 SEO Industry Survey by Seomoz.org

It looks like we are getting a lot of survey results lately but this in fact at least for me is one of the most important, since there are not so many companies who make surveys on our industry.

Seomoz.org again has made public the 2010 results and there are very insightful results under different perspectives.

What I can basically extract is that companies are tending to outsource much more their SEO efforts. I believe this is due to lack of in-house specialization and that it can be far expensive to have their own internal SEO department and get them to keep updated.

Me as being a Mexican living in Spain feel that there has to be much more information gathered like this but with a higher outside-US participation. That will be the only way to better understand what our industry is up to and the huge differences that exist nowadays in terms of the focus and importance SEO represents in different countries.

Have a look at the great infographic that Seomoz.org made with their famous robot including some key findings of the survey.

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2010 SEO Industry Survey


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