Bing Maps VS Google Maps

Two days ago Bing introduced its beta release of Bing Maps. I just have to say that I’m very happy to see that Google is starting to have some serious fighting in different angles. First Google Search vs. Bing/Yahoo, then Google News vs. Murdoch and now Google Maps vs. Bing Maps.

I mean, Google is known for making great stuff, and don’t get me wrong I do like Google but sometimes they are just too cocky and a few slaps isn’t bad to make them have the feet on the ground.

So I started reading a little about this new Bing Maps and also tried it myself. What I found most impressive is the aerial views, Bing’s are amazing and totally smash Google’s.

Here is an example I made from Oprah’s home at Montecito, Santa Barbara. Just check out the difference, still there are a lot of other great features on both.

google bing maps

You can have a look at a very nice comparison the guys at TechCrunch did.

The New Bing Maps Is Now Live: We Take It For A Test Drive


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