China Making Google A Martir

Google VS. China: Round One


Everyone is talking about how Google is defying Chinese Government into letting them show their search engine results without any sort of censorship. Don’t you think this should have been thought earlier in 2006?

I think Google has a very big statistical team capable of predicting what their revenue might have been from China during this almost 4 years, being now just 1% of its total net profit (about $200 – $300 million). So why getting under the focus as one of the companies among with Yahoo, who complied with the restrictions imposed by this government and then show another face as if they were part of the fighting activists?

I believe that the main reason Google is doing this, is because they know there is now way they will defeat Baidu in their own grounds supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, as they tend to support in-house companies rather than foreign.

What Google leaves on the table is their actual approximate share of 14% (according to comScore) for Baidu or any other to take over, their advantage of having their noses in a very large number of research and development labs and finally as part of one of their latest attempt in penetrating with their Android software and apps, into the biggest mobile market worldwide.

So on the next few weeks we will hear, see and even eat Google VS. China news, posts and most of all Tweetts. Lets see how things turn out, I strongly believe Chinese Government will never comply with Google demands as it will be seen as a sign of weakness and me lead other companies to pressure as well.

Just to conclude this post, I read a comment in one of the several post I read today, which got my attention and stated the following:

«In (U.S. version), try typing in the following search terms: «christianity is …», «judaism is …» and «islam is …». With the first two, the top ten autocompletion suggestions yield words and phrases such as «false», «a gutter religion», «a cult», «********», «not a religion», «a lie», «fake», etc. The autocompletion suggestions for Islam are … well, NOTHING. Very curious

Here is a screenshot

Talking about censorship…make your own conclusions.


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