Dealing With Duplicate Content

There is a thing called WhiteBoard Friday at This time Rand Fishkin or «The Wizard of Moz» as people call him, gives a deep explanation on duplicate content and how to deal with it.

At the company I work, we have been struggling against competitors who just copy our contents, try to hurt our SEO rankings posting our contents in blogs, or the worst part, when your own affiliates or resellers make use of your exact same contents for the promotion of your products.

For this reason, if you don’t want your affiliates or resellers to use your content. You should first let them know that it is not allowed, but still that you are there to help them by providing alternative pieces of work. It’s very important that they are not just having to copy contents from other sources as it may be inaccurate and not updated information about your products or company.

So, here is the WhiteBoard Friday session which I think is very insightful.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Dealing with Duplicate Content, by

BTW, this is the Google DMCA or Digital Millennium Copyright Act link to which Rand was referring at the video.


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