Google Adwords Banning Crusade

As some of you might have heard Google Adwords has already started a massive ban since yesterday. Nick Fox, Google’s Business Product Management Director for AdWords, told that they will begin permanently banning advertisers at an increased rate.

google adwords ban

So what does this mean? Should every advertiser get their Adwords Manual and check if everything is correct. I mean I know Google only tries to ban deceiptful accounts, and God knows I have a very intense struggle with other advertisers taking advantage of our trademarks and so. Still I just don’t understand what could be a strong reason for getting your account banned without an explanation.

Anyway lets just hope we don’t end with our accounts banned by mistake during this crusade and that companies that work with a bunch of accounts don’t have angry clients on their backs in a matter of minutes.

Here you can find and an intervew made by Barry Schwartz from SearchEngineLand, to Nick Fox.

Google AdWords To Step Up Account Disabling & Improve Communication Process

Before I go, I found an interesting post from a couple of years back explaining How To Get Reinstated To Google Adwords if your account is banned, It may be useful right….actualy I found a second post (updated) on how to get banned from Adwords


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