Google Live Search On The Move

About two weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the inclusion of Twitter results in Google Search (Google + Twitter = Spam).

Yesterday Google held its pre-holidays Search Event and they introduced some new features, but I believe that there were two of them which are both amazing and a high impact in today’s SEO.

First they introduced the new Google Goggles an application for mobiles (using Android 1.6+) which lets you take a picture of almost anything and get search results based on that image.

google goggles

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This feature is quite impressive while I hope the iPhone will be able to use it as well, in conjunction with their augmented reality apps.

The second one was the new Google Live Search. The image below shows a post I made with my Twitter account in real time.

google live search


There are two important observations I want to share which may be going ahead too much, but I strongly believe this is the path Google will be taking over the next year.

You remember Google Wave right….well, the new interface within Google Live Search is very similar to Wave’s and they just integrated Twitter results. Is this meaning that Google intends to make Wave somehow its own version of Twitter? I believe so, I think Google will try to neutralize Twitter in a way that Wave becomes the most used 140 characters (in this case more) real time service and serve their own results in Google Live Search.

Yesterday the people at Google got a few questions regarding SPAM. They argue that Matt Cutts, head of spam at Google, is working very hard and has the sufficient experience to get rid of all spam that might try to emerge on Live Search Results……still no clue on how will they sort this out.

So my theory is that Google will get rid of Twitter and even Facebook. And on the other hand, they will eventually have enough information from reliable sources not to even bother on showing let’s say…Murdoch headlines.

Again this is just my perception.


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