Google + Twitter = Spam

Will this image come true?

Last Octobrer 21st Google announced that they will show Twitts within Google search results making it a little bit more real. The problem this might bring along, is the so feared SPAM, since this is an open door for spammers to start ranking and flooding this network.

google and twitter integration


For what I have read there are many options people think might be a good way to avoid this problem.

There are the ones that think Twitter should charge a fee for business type accounts. Others believe Google shouldn’t start showing Twitter results and better be thinking in a way to use Google Wave as a real time resource.

I really think there is no way of getting rid of spam, there is only chance to minimize this and try getting around by giving twitter accounts credibility based on inbound linking accounts. Still, this means Twitter plays a very important role in spammy account detection.

Other issues around are the privacy of Twitter accounts, not everyone knows how to protect their profile and it seems this has started to be a problem. Other problem is having someone take your brand for nothing-to-do-with accounts.

All of the above will grow as spammers look for ways of getting into social media. Lets just hope tomorrow we don’t have full of «V1@gr@» posts.


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