How To Install Chrome OS By Yourself

Yesterday the new Google Chrome OS had it’s debut. I saw the presentation Google made and it was quite interesting (7 seconds booting). Well, the official slideshow has a lot of slides still this video explains very well what this OS is all about.


For what I’ve read you can install this «beta version» using VirtualBox, here is a link with information on how to install the Google Chrome OS.

1.- Download VirtualBox
2.- Download Google Chrome Image Torrent
3.- Access using your Gmail account

That simple !!!

This video is the actual Google Chrome OS Presentation.

I’m just a little scared of where is Google heading. They have one of the biggest email platforms, search engine, social networks (I thing Facebook and Twitter will be both part of Google in the end) and now this new OS….in just a matter of years we will all be living in GoogleLand 🙂

google chrome os


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