iSlate, iTablet or iFuture – Apple New Baby

As most of you know Apple is having today at 10am PST its first year event. There are numerous rumors on what will be presented today, supposedly the release of the new iPhone OS 4.0 and with it their new Baby: iSlate or iTablet (I’d rather go with iSlate).

Follow the event in real time as a live feed at TheAppleBlog

You can also get a live feed through their twitter @theappleblog or at the Gizmodo Live Blog specially made for this event.

I don’t want to ruin what may be a big event today, but it seems that Jason Calacanis CEO at Mahalo, posted sensitive information regarding the new Baby. It seems this information is very close to being the truth and that some of this information is not new.

I will not include it in my blog, but here is a link to what TechCrunch has to say.


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