New iPhone OS 4

iphone os 4Finally we will be able to get our hands on the new iPhone OS 4, and I can tell you that for what I just saw at the presentation Steve Jobs gave yesterday, it looks very very nice.

You can take a look at the full presentation at the following link: iPhone 0S 4 presentation

Steve referred to 7 main «Tentpoles» which I’m going to briefly outline below.

  1. Multitasking – lots of people were begging for this feature, and it seems like this time they nailed it. The interfase looks nice, and what most users would tend to think is that this will consume the battery in the blink of an eye.

    Its looks like apple has been working very hard on reducing this problem and that it won’t happen or at least they will optimize it as much as they can.


  3. Folders – people download more and more apps every day and it comes to a time when you just don’t know how to find them. Well this new folders thing does the trick and it even auto-names itself…nice ain’t it?
  4. Better Mail App – I have been working with the beta version of Microsoft Office 2010 and the best thing so far is their new bundled mail converstations for Outlook. Apple just did the same thing and I can tell you its very useful. Besides that they will let you have a unified inbox and more than one Exchange account.
  5. iBooks Integration – nothing new besides not having to buy a book for every iPhone, iPad or iPod you own.
  6. Enterprise Features – these new features will be a great addition, and some like VPN support or SSL encryption will be highly appreciated by the companies.
  7. Game Center – Apple is very aware of what games represent nowadays and is trying to empower them much more by getting Games and Social Networking together…just as XBOX and Playstation did earlier before.
  8. iAd – we all knew Apple was going for the big money and just as Google has its Adwords interfase with a very high revenue, they now have this new feature. The most important aspect of this, is that it doesn’t take you to another place while being at the app sending the ad and that it uses the new HTML5 language, so video will be available and many more things.

They talked about more than 100 new features for this new release and a developer preview is already available as for today.

I’m drilled by this great news and waiting for it to come in the summer.


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