New Metallica Death Magnetic Mexico DVD Set

As some of your might know I’m a huge Metallica fan (you just have to see the name of my blog) and I was also born in México, even though I have been living in Spain for 5 years now.

Once again México has had the pleasure of having Metallica on tour and the band has acknowledged our passion for music, with the soon-to-come release of their Death Magnetic México Tour. The band played three days at México City and they have made a reprise out of them.

The release date will be on November 30th for most of Latin America and following Brazil on December 8th, just before the Chile and Argentina release two days later.

What I just love is the name of the set: Orgullo, Pasion y Gloria – 3 Noches en la Ciudad de México

Here is the DVD set cover courtesy of our friends from Metallica

metallica mexico dvd cover



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