OMExpo Madrid Fails

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I just got out of what is one of the biggest Online Marketing expos in Madrid. I have to say that after the 6th edition (4th time I attend) they just don’t get it right.

I understand that its an expo, but they always also do a congress at which they invite people from different online branches such as SEO, SEM, Analytics, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and many others….the problem is that most of the speakers are always just trying to sell their companies instead of giving interesting information, hints, does and don’ts or any other helpful insight on their topic.

If I’m looking for information on a company I will go to the website, and if I’m looking for a company in a particular field I will Google, Yahoo or Bing it (just to be fair).

Another thing that I believe annoyed most of the attendants, was the really bad organization. The sound for the talks was awful, as well as the place where it was held. You can’t invite a bunch of people and not have seats available for everyone (better more than less, right) and please don’t have a massive column almost right in front of the screen where the slides are showing.

So just to conclude my emotional post, I really hope the next year this is taken care of. We don’t have many options here in Spain (it seems SMX will not to be around for a while) so lets try to make the best of it.

Here is the link to the expo if anyone is curious on what the european vibe is OMExpo 2010 Madrid English


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