Finally we will be able to get our hands on the new iPhone OS 4, and I can tell you that for what I just saw at the presentation Steve Jobs gave yesterday, it looks very very nice. You can take a look at the full presentation at the following… leer más

I just got out of what is one of the biggest Online Marketing expos in Madrid. I have to say that after the 6th edition (4th time I attend) they just don’t get it right. I understand that its an expo, but they always also do a congress at which… leer más

I’ve just found that Google is starting a new project called Google Store Views. Basicly they are using the Google Street View technology and have started to send the “camera guys” out. I think its a good idea but is it worth it, I mean Google Maps is widely used… leer más

After months of speculations the new Apple’s baby is born and named iPad. There will be a bunch of posts during the next days so I will just outline the key points of what Steve Jobs said earlier today. For more images on the actual device and the hole event… leer más

As most of you know Apple is having today at 10am PST its first year event. There are numerous rumors on what will be presented today, supposedly the release of the new iPhone OS 4.0 and with it their new Baby: iSlate or iTablet (I’d rather go with iSlate). Follow… leer más

Google VS. China: Round One   Everyone is talking about how Google is defying Chinese Government into letting them show their search engine results without any sort of censorship. Don’t you think this should have been thought earlier in 2006? I think Google has a very big statistical team capable… leer más

A couple of weeks ago Google launched it’s new Personalized Search. This new feature lead SEOs to think that our efforts on getting good rankings for a site which is not that new and has a low authority, will need to be re-optimized. But the main question is how will… leer más

I consider myself a Google Analytics power user and this is why I decided to share a set of plugins to obtain useful information from our sites in an easier way. Since these hacks are normally based on a firefox plugin called Greasemonkey, I recommend to download it first by… leer más

There is a thing called WhiteBoard Friday at This time Rand Fishkin or “The Wizard of Moz” as people call him, gives a deep explanation on duplicate content and how to deal with it. At the company I work, we have been struggling against competitors who just copy our… leer más

About two weeks ago I wrote a post regarding the inclusion of Twitter results in Google Search (Google + Twitter = Spam). Yesterday Google held its pre-holidays Search Event and they introduced some new features, but I believe that there were two of them which are both amazing and a… leer más