The Return Of The Google Caffeine

On a galaxy not that far, far way Matt Cutts head of spam at Google announced that they will activate Google Caffeine again for a small audience after the holidays

Now, based on that, it seems that even though they normally don’t roll any changes for search results during holidays since 2003, they will do it again. A datacenter for Google means a lot since they have about 36 datacenters for 1.7 billion Internet users out there.

Still nobody has a very clear idea of what this new Google Caffeine will mean for search results, SEO experts or even on-line marketing companies.

I found this experiment which somehow illustrates what this changes might look like. Still I don’t think the results are conclusive enough.

Detailed Test Of The New Google

How will this affect the optimization and rankings for a site? Will this have the same impact as last time’s «NO FOLLOW» decision?

I believe this is something that should concern most of the people in the search merketing world, since this may mean all the work we have made before this roll-out, might actually change dramatically.

Lets just hope things go down smoothly and we don’t have a surprise at the end of the year….by the way will GooTwitt may be more than live at that time?

Here is the actual post from Matt Cutts: Expect Caffeine after the holidays

Google Caffeine

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